Companiyon ko chhoot, kisanon ki loot

Dear friends,

Request your cooperation for a social media campaign called COMPANIYON KO CHHOOTT, KISANON KI LOOT.

This is basically around pictures of farmers, across all states of India, women and men, selling different crops from cereals to pulses to oilseeds to veggies, are not realising remunerative prices in the markets, and to tell that story to the world through good use of social media. The instruction sheet will give you a good idea of what this is about. Go through it. You will need to translate the placard design into your local language, and fill out details for each farmer. Make sure you have your arithmetic right, please! đŸ™‚
Please pitch in into this campaign and let us tell the story of our farmers across the country, to the entire nation. Please do let me (email: or Neha Saigal (email: know if you have any queries.

Poster template (landscape & portrait)
Source File (.cdr)

Instruction sheet