AIKSCC’s Plan of Action announced at the end Kisan Mukti Sansad, Nov. 20th & 21st 2017

In its existence of less than six months, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) has revived and revitalised the farmers’ movement in India at the national level. It has created the largest ever coalition of farmers’ organisations in the country, cutting across states and agro-climatic regions. It has also bridged the divide between different classes of farmers and conflicting ideologies, to pave the way for a historic unity of the Indian farmers. It has begun a new phase of farmers’ activism that leverages information, uses new media, intervenes in policy debates and takes recourse of judicial activism, besides street mobilisation and ground struggle. It has built a rural-urban bridge and has received support from unusual quarters including employees, artists and traders. Urban consumers are stepping forward in solidarity with the farmers.
By organising Kisan Mukti Yatras covering nearly 10,000 kms over three months, the AIKSCC has created a nation-wide footprint for itself, besides deepening of consciousness among the farming and the non-farming communities.
The massive Kisan Mukti Sansad has been a major milestone in this journey. It demonstrated the capacity of this coalition for ground mobilisation across the country and succeeded in registering the plight of the farmers and their demands before the country. The first ever Women’s Parliament was a critical acknowledgement of the role of women as farmers. By formulating and presenting two Bills centred around its two demands (Click here to download), the AIKSCC has demonstrated that it is not merely about protests and opposition, it is a common resource for policy alternatives on Indian agriculture.
The Government has shown no inclination to listen to the farmers’ woes, despite thousands of farmers including hundred of farm suicide affected widows marching to Delhi. Neither the PM nor any of his ministerial colleagues has cared to come to this historic Sansad and listen to the farmers. This Kisan Sansad therefore resolves to intensify the struggle, widen its ambit and deepen its reach to the grassroots. The next phase is thus for intensification of the movement on our twin agenda, besides spreading awreness about both the bills and organisational improvements.

1. Nation-wide Campaign to spread public consciousness about two bills: beginning on 26th of November in Baardoli (Gujarat), AIKSCC will carry out a nation-wide communication campaign by way of seminars, public discussion, social media campaigns and publications. The campaign will culminate in a Kisan Mukti Diwas on 26th of January all over the country. The campaign will include:
• Organising 500 Kisan Mukti Charchas/ Seminars across the country at district and sub-district level: each charcha to be centred around the two Bills released by AIKSCC;
• Handing over the Bills to Members of Parliament;
• State level conventions/charchas will be organised;
• A short documentary on Kisan Mukti Yatras and Kisan Mukti Sansad will be created and released;
• Booklets of FAQs on the two Bills will be created and released.

2. Ground Action around dual agenda for Rabi 2017-18: Kisan Mukti Abhiya
• Not below MSP/Nynatam se nyun nahin : Protests in Mandis against sale below MSP, or non availability of Mandis.
• No stigmatisation campaign/ Na-Kurku, Na Munadi: Disruption of any auction of indebted farmers’ property and against any attempt to name-shame indebted farmers
• “Chetavni Satyagrah” on Kisan Mukti Diwas on the Republic Day.

3. Organisational consolidation/
• Formal membership of existing member organisations will happen;
• Enrolment of new organisations will take place;
• Constitution and/or rules will be evolved.

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